Jackson and Olivia wake a grumpy dragon deep in the Unnamed Mountains

Jackson tells a story as it unfolds in his imagination. The adventure becomes more and more real with each thought. As Jackson discovers the entrance to a mysterious cave, Olivia is drawn in and begins to shape the telling of the story. When Olivia asks about the way to the dragon’s lair, their treasure hunt becomes a dragon hunt. Jackson must find a way to conquer his fear before he can face the dragon and find the real treasure, friendship.


Paperback Comedian

Sensational Novellas Take You on a Memorable Journey

"Paperback Comedian is a phenomenal book and wow what a sensational and funny collection of novellas! It is full of incredible moments that will take you on a memorable journey. Will entertain and delight. Five stars!"

–Aimee Ann, redheadedbooklover.com

Paperback Comedian

A mystery wrapped in comedy, sci-fi, and romance.


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Adam's Journal

Adam's Journal

"The world is full of unmet friends,” Adam writes in his new journal soon after he turns sixteen. He’s a runner and an introvert who has spent most of the last four years running and reading. Running made him stronger and more self-confident; reading taught him all he knows about the opposite sex: women are fascinating and often unobtainable. Until....

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E. C. Flickinger
E. C. Flickinger

"Our most precious gifts are the friends and family who share our journey. So keep your chin up and remember the world is full of unmet friends."

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