Title: Paperback Comedian: A Novella Trilogy

Author: E. C. Flickinger

Genre: Literary fiction

Sam feels trapped in an ordinary life. He needs more, but lacks the spark to ignite his future. When a friend finally kicks him out, Sam finds the world to be nothing like he expected. A story told in metaphor and reality-bending theatrics, wrapped in comedy, sci-fi, and romance.

 Sam travels to other worlds in his imagination and in real life, struggling to satisfy his new found hunger. After experimenting with alcohol and gambling, Sam stumbles into an unbelievable relationship. Feeling unworthy, Sam flees the country to retrace his steps, rediscover his birthplace, and reinvent himself. As he searches for something legendary that will make him whole, he risks losing the real gem of his life.

Paperback Comedian takes place twenty years after E. C. Flickinger’s first novel, Adam’s Journal. Three of the characters continue their journey as they now approach middle age. A new heroine emerges, taking her place on center stage.

As the story begins, Sam finds himself stranded in an alternate dimension, a victim of Adam’s time travel experiment. While Wendy works to correct her husband’s mistake, Adam gets distracted by the new intern. Young Addy proves to be more than a beautiful novice when she saves their world from certain destruction.

Available in hardcover, paperback, ebook, and audiobook:

ISBN: 978-0-9982069-3-6 (hc.)

ISBN: 978-0-9982069-2-9 (pbk.)

ISBN: 978-1-951620-02-8 (ebook)

ASIN: B09H3KHH5C (audiobook)

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Website: ecflickinger.com

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E. C. Flickinger