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Adam's Journal: A Novel

ISBN/SKU: 9780998206905

A coming-of-age novel by E. C. Flickinger.

“The world is full of unmet friends,” Adam writes in his new journal soon after he turns sixteen. He’s a runner and an introvert who has spent most of the last four years running and reading. Running made him stronger and more self-confident; reading taught him all he knows about the opposite sex: women are fascinating and often unobtainable. Until....

Until the neighboring schools merge and opportunity knocks. And knocks and knocks.

The book’s opening scene takes place in a coffee shop. Adam doesn’t drink coffee. Adam is pestering someone, Sam, to read an essay that he’s just written while in line for coffee. Sam acts as if he doesn’t know Adam. Adam isn’t dreaming and he isn’t the one writing in his journal. Though Sam initially writes as a prank, he soon assumes his role as an unreliable narrator.

Topics of friends, fate, affection, trust, self-confidence, competition, bananas, defeat, patience, and finally capturing a life’s dream are all themes. 

Adam eventually finds love, but in a twist of fate, he must find a way to win her back. Sometimes you just have to wait for the thing you want most.

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